New Horizon is a leading China-focused private equity fund. We are committed to transforming and growing businesses with strong underlying fundamentals and high growth potentials, with a particular emphasis on those in the less developed and less penetrated Tier II and Tier III regions in China.

Founded in 2005, New Horizon's reputation as a leading private equity investor is underpinned by the following winning traits:

Unique and Proven Strategy – the core tenets of New Horizon's investment strategy are:
  • a. Focus on four key sectors

    - Advanced manufacturing

    - Alternative energy

    - Consumer products and services

    - Healthcare


    We believe that these sectors will benefit significantly from the rapid development of China's economy and the macroeconomic and demographic trends associated with China's expansion. We also analyse and invest in sub-sectors within these four sectors that present attractive characteristics given the nature, evolution and rapidity of China's development.

  • b. State-owned enterprise and privately-owned enterprise investments

  • c. Geographic focus

    New Horizon has been an active investor in China's central and western regions since its inception. We believe that the Tier II and Tier III cities and regions hold substantial investment potentials as a result of underdevelopment and inefficiencies. Additionally, New Horizon actively probes for investment opportunities in China’s more developed eastern region, which encompasses Tier I cities and regions.

Highly Experienced Team
  • New Horizon is managed by a group of seasoned investment professionals with local and overseas educational background as well as diversified and in-depth local knowledge and practical deal execution capabilities.

Disciplined Investment Approach – key attributes of our institutionalized investment approach include:
  • a. Stringent investment criteria and screening process

    b. "Hands-on" approach with downside protection

    c. Substantial post-investment value enhancement